Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This weekend I finally finished a great book, "The Places in Between" by Rory Stewart. It was a recommendation from my friend K after I told her how much I loved "Three Cups of Tea."

It's the story of the author's quest to walk across Afghanistan in 2002. The book is beautifully written and gives the reader a view of a group of people and part of the world we rarely are able to see or understand.

I'll admit, I typically read fiction - mostly because I read as a way of escaping reality and a great thriller does it for me. But I do try and mix things up and add in a non-fiction book occasionally and for the past couple of years the non-fiction books have been about ordinary people taking on real life adventures where they are able, through determination and perseverance, to accomplish amazing things.

I'd love your recommendations to add to my reading list, so please comment if you've read something great lately you want to share.

I know it is a strange mix, but I love Patsy Cline and I found myself humming her classic, Walking After Midnight" as I read.

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Keri said...

Glad you liked the book. Ironically I just finished Long Way Around. Thanks for the suggestion it was a great story. Next is 3 Cups of Tea. My mom just finished it and really liked it.

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