Saturday, August 29, 2009


When I pulled the photos of the office off my camera I discovered a bunch of photos I'd forgotten about. Here's a peek.

On Miss M's second birthday my sister decided to go to The Gateway to let M play in the fountain (her birthday party was the previous weekend so the family could come.) Miss M loves the water, give her a pool or a sprinkler and she's in heaven, so we assumed she'd have a blast. Turns out she was a bit afraid to go in on her own - and her defense the place was crawling with older kids. Since N and I weren't up for getting wet we just watched M enjoy the show. She loved it, and as usual we loved watching her, well we enjoyed everything except the tantrum. Turns out she wanted to eat her ice cream herself, the kid has an independent streak just like her aunt. The little girl has also developed a love for accessories.

As usual, Tiny T sat back and enjoyed the afternoon in his own chill kind of way.

A happy little song for a happy little afternoon.

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Nicole said...

I forgot to blog about that trip too, probably because all the pics were on your camera.

Maegan Beishline said...

I love when I find pictures that I forgot about...what a nice surprise. Those sunglasses are too much! So cute!

Jamie said...

I also discovered all the pictures from my last trip to Kathmandu, and I thought I'd lost those. It was a good discovery.

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