Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation Cottage: Before

As promised here are some "before" photos of my little cottage.  As you can tell, all we did was clean (which was a LOT of work), move furniture in and get out the linens needed to spend a day there.  I've got a list of projects I want to do waiting for me to find the time and cash.  Many of you are expert DIYers, so I'd love your suggestions and ideas.  Most of the house is furnished with furniture that came from my grandparents' house, so it is gently used, but from a variety of different decades which makes for an interesting overall "look."  Get ready for a long post.....

Living Room
This is the front room/parlor.  I only vaguely remember the couch my grandma had before this one so I'm betting this set came from the late 70's.  I actually adore the shape and lines of the couch and hope to have it reupholstered some day, I'm thinking a dark, midnight blue shade.  What do you think?  Anyone out there had something this large redone and have any ideas about cost or recommendations on fabrics?

I'm less in love with the chairs, but hope redoing them will help.  As for the side table, I like the lines, but don't love the finish.  It's wood veneer, so I don't know how painting it would turn out.  Anyone tried painting wood veneer before?

Great Room
Great Room Couch
This is the great room/family room.  I love the high ceilings and how open it is, I also like the light fixtures (which are great throughout the house.)  Doesn't the couch just scream 90s?  I'm hoping a slipcover will fix the couch and chair.  I'd like to go a soft gray (do you think that will work with the tan/taupe walls?) as a backdrop for some bolder pillows - think sunny yellows and bright blues.  Any favorite sources for affordable, but durable slipcovers?

The desk was mine (circa 2002, Target) I'm still trying to figure out where my workspace will be in the house, so this is a temporary spot for now.  You'll notice nearly all the wood pieces in the house are light/blonde wood.  Something I'm not in love with, but some I'm unsure about painting.  The end tables and round coffee tables are veneer, the desk, kitchen table and chairs are wood, so a bit easier to paint.  Any tips - would you use latex or spray paint on them?  Color suggestions?

The kitchen is open to the great room and sits just behind the front room.  I'm dreaming of painting the cabinets a creamy white - I just need to work up the nerve.  I also dislike the white fridge next to the other black appliances - but don't know whether it is better to save up my pennies for a new one or get brave and paint it black (note, it had quit working between the time I got the keys to the house and the day I moved in, thank heavens for a insurance plan I asked the seller for.)

The table and chairs were mine, Crate and Barrel (circa 2000.)  I'm hoping to find two more chairs to add to the mix at Goodwill or a consignment shop.

The Master bedroom - and the site of my first project.  This bedroom set came from my grandma's house (mid 80s-ish) and I'm thinking of painting it all the pieces white - the gold of the French Provincial style doesn't really work against the tan walls (and I think it is dated.)  Would you try latex or spray paint?  Part of me wishes I was brave enough to paint it a bolder color, but I'm afraid I'd hate it next year.  I'm planning to swap out the bedding, but am still figuring out what I want (and can afford) but until then, I love this hand-blocked bed cover I brought home from Delhi.

Guest Room
The main guest room, better known as "mom and dad's room" since they supplied the bed.  There is only space here for the bed and a couple of nightstands (to be found, for now I just put a couple of old book cases on the sides of the bed.)  I'm hoping to do some sort of DIY headboard, spray paint the ugly lamps and replace the shades.

2nd Guest
The 3rd bedroom is the smallest, only big enough for a day bed (I had one found on the local classifieds, but lost out to someone else.)   The photo is of the dresser, in the room.  I'm guessing it is from the 50/60s since in my grandparent's room for as long as I remember.  I probably won't attempt to do anything to it for that reason.  When we got it out of the trailer, we discovered there were still sachets and a small container of body powder in the drawers so it even smells a bit like my grandma, which I loved.

Master Bath
There are two bathrooms, which are identical (but reversed.)  I loved the framed mirrors and, like the kitchen, am hoping to paint the cabinets a creamy white.  I'm also hoping to add some color with rugs, shower curtains and towels (when I find some on a killer sale.)

Finally, here is the back patio and a bit of the backyard.  I'm hoping to find a little bistro set and spend the evenings out here when it cools down.

One of my very favorite parts of the house is actually the front yard, but I've decided it probably isn't wise to post the photo of the front of house on the internet and admit you aren't currently there, so you'll just have to trust me that it is adorable.

Thanks for sticking around for the tour of my little cottage - as you can tell I have some projects in my future.  I really would love your advice and ideas - so feel free to share.

For today's song, I've been obsessing about Marc Broussard this week since I finally got a listen to his new album.  This song isn't off the new album, but I love it and it seems the perfect song for today's post - so here's his Home:
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Anonymous said...

love that couch!!! i say go bold or go home! a cottage is your retreat, so maybe do something different with than you would at your other home...

Shannon@vintagerestyled said...

Love it! It is meant to be a relaxing place, so baby steps on the makeover!
Chalk Paint is great on laminate and the french provincial style bedroom furniture has been redone a lot - some do it all one color,two toned, etc.
You have so many options!
Just enjoy the place!!

DecorandtheDog said...

It's so cute!

That couch is fantastic. I've never reupholstered or priced but I can't wait to see what you do with it...I'm in love!!

Don't be afraid of paint. I had contemplated our dresser for a couple of I'm a crazy painter. :)

Excited to see all of your changes!

lisa said...

What a beautiful new home Jamie!
Take one room at a time, and do everything you can to make it uniquely your own.
Congratulations, and thank you for sharing it here!

urban muser said...

oh, what i would do for a weekend getaway cottage. i second olivia's comment!

Anonymous said...

What a great place, and so much fun to think about all the decorating! We've had great success with slipcovers for old couches. It's much cheaper than reupholstering, and we once had summer and winter slipcovers for a couch and loveseat, which I loved. One was navy blue and the other a cream. Both were small geometric prints. Wish I still had them. It was like having a make-over twice a year.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Great space! You must be so excited!
Looks like all your furniture pieces have great lines. I actually really like the gold sofa as is. I've had a wingback chair reupholstered and spent about $500 including fabric I bought for $6 a yard, if that helps.

You are really lucky to have so much of your grandparents' old furniture in your new home :)

Nicole said...

It's so weird to see all of Grandma and Grandpa's stuff somewhere besides their house! It totally looks like they live there. I miss them! But I'm glad their stuff has found a good home. I'm sure they would be happy.

i.ikeda said...

Hmmmm, there's so much potential there. I think you should take it one room at a time. Or at least one project at a time. Since you're looking for a headboard, why not start there? There's a really cool idea for a DIY headboard that looks amazing in the current issue of Do It Yourself magazine, that involves old drawers. I'd check it out, it's really cool.

Anonymous said...

I love the place and I LOVE makeovers! Can't wait to see what you do! I second whoever said to try something you usually wouldn't do... maybe fun vintage inspired, but updated colors? or all white-washed like a beach house? Can't wait to see what you choose in the end. Here's a link I've used for re-finishing furniture; Hope it's helpful!

Courtney said...

So cute, Jamie! So much potential, I can't wait to see all the projects. Wish I could offer you some advice but I know nothing about upholstering furniture or painting it. But I know you'll figure it out. Thanks for sharing your new cottage!

R Montalban said...

I love the little side tables and the master bedroom suite is fantastic, to me it looks as though they are from the 50's/60's. Personally, I wouldn't do a thing to them.

Your house is lovely and I am sure you will have fun getting just the way you want.

~Kristina said...

That place looks lovely! I'm sure there will be more than a few evenings of wonderful conversation and wine, delicious food and great memories made.

Rosie said...

The place looks really lovely, Jamie! I can imagine how excited you must be! Unfortunately, I'm the worst at DIY, plus I have to see everything finished as I can never see it before my eyes... Do you know Suzanne's blog: I'm so amazed about all her projects, maybe there is something there for you, too!

Diana Joy said...

What a great get away cute. I have no advice for decorating as I'm challenged in that area. Just go with the colors you love and relax you. I like white appliances... but do not like the mis matched look so if it's black you prefer; paint the refrigerator. My bil did one of theirs and it looked fabulous...and lasted forever. So looking forward to the changes you make.

Ms. Becky said...

this has loads of charm. I'm fond of that couch, really nice lines. I say be bold with paint. what's the harm? if you don't like it paint it again. but I'm betting you'll like it. :) I too like the lines of the end tables, but I've never painted over veneer, so can't offer any advice there. I think my favorite pieces are the bedroom set, with the gold. don't know why I like it, but I really do. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on this little getaway of yours Jamie. you have impeccable taste!!! and above all, just have FUN!

Erin Wallace said...

I'm seeing white, creams, and pops of faded color. However, this is my aesthetic. I say, go for it, paint the cabinets and the dressers, but you will have to sand them first and it may be a bigger job than you were anticipating. And I'm thinking that the gold couch is too nice to do anything with, but you'd have to design your room around it. If you want to recover it, go with something really classic, like blue velvet and less buttons. A couch like that screams for velvet!

ELK said...

this was such fun to see ... I know you will have many happy moments here!! I know everyone has their own style but my two suggestions are to paint all white where possible as it helps to freshen everything up and perhaps more important, take your time and get to know the space will all come together ~

Anna said...

Your home away from home looks like a wonderful "blank canvas" to play with! I especially like the gold sofa. Decorating will be so fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Dagmar said...

Jamie, how perfect that you have your own have a great start! happy is so will learn by doing..don't be afraid to mistakes..just opportunities!

The Felix Family said...

I love the house! I actually took my mom by it today to show it off. Aunt Carla said she had a key, but didn't dare just barge in so we admired it from the outside. I am excited to see how you make it comfortable for you and I would love to help you with any project!!!

Dorian Susan said...

Oh Jamie....I love seeing your house. It was worth the wait, and all the crapola involved in closing. It looks perfect-sweet, small, (aka easy to clean) and full of neutrals that you can easily make your own at your own pace. How great to have your grandparents furnishings. when my grandmother passed, I was not in a position to take any of her things, but my brother has her dining set and each time I sit at it; wonderful memories.
I'm afraid I'm not much help on how to re-do the furnishings...good luck hone in on your inner Martha. You have such great taste I'm certain you'll think of something. I love that cover you have for your bed.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Jamie it is lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.

blue elephant photography said...

i've seen a couch like that in midnight blue, it looked nice. i also saw one in a baby blue. white to me is a nice color, it just makes the room airy or lighter feel and bright. i was actually imagining your house to have this french vintage style - when I saw your kitchen and you said white cabinets it reminded me of this french kitchen -
i dunno i was just getting this vintage designs/deco in my head with a french twist lol

maureen said...

What a wonderful space for a 'get away.' You have some wonderful pieces, so nice to have your Grandparents things. I agree with the other commentors. Take your time, and paint is your friend. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. After seeing your make over of your office, I know it will be great.

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Oprah beth said...

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