Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

2012.2 Valentines Cookies (1 of 1)

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays I usually dread (being chronically single may influence my opinion.) But this year wasn't so bad. After sleeping in and getting a little work done, I hit the stores (along with half the men in the city) to pick up a little something for my niece and nephew. I then spent a couple of hours playing with them (one of the biggest benefits of finally being home is being able to spend a bit of time with them each day.) Then the day was capped off with another personal favorite - homemade Valentine's cookies (it's official, I have the best neighbors in the world.)

By the end of the day, I was ready to admit that Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a day to dread.

How did you celebrate?

Have you heard First Aid Kit yet? Check out their Emmylou or The Lion's Roar - both have been on heavy rotation at my house this week.

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Anna said...

Hi Jamie,
Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love! Mine involved flowers, chocolate, and love.... all of my favorite things :)
Glad to hear that you made it home safely!
Enjoy the rest of the week!

Nicole said...

V-day was much better with you here to share it with us!! We love you.

Angie Willis said...

Oh wow! Those biscuits (cookies!) look wonderful you lucky girl. And I went straight over to iTunes and bought First Aid Kit's album - brilliant. I also bought their version of Universal Soldier - how depressing that they were able to bring the list of conflicts up to date with no problem at all!

amy b.s. said...

and now i so want a sugar cookie!

Christianna said...

Sounds like a good day for you! Those cookies look so yummy!

~Kristina said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun to me. In my house, we watched hockey, cuddled with the kiddies and ate cookie snacks.

Punctuation Mark said...

nothing like going out shopping to lift up the spirit... did the same over here!

Stampmouse said...

sounds like a great day with loved ones.

I spent it working except for lunch with hubby then I was at a rubber stamp class with a bunch of girlfriends.

Diana Joy said...

Hi Jamie; VD, to me, is overrated. My hubby treats me like every day is VD... lucky me. That being said we went shopping all day which turned out to be a headache and we got caught in a heck of a hail/rain storm. ugh!

Those cookies looks so good. I did not bake any by purpose because I'm a cookie monster and will eat them all in one day. The hips don't need that.

Take care.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Welcome home!
So... Chris and I totally spaced Valentine's Day this year. I really would have enjoyed some of those cookies!

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