Monday, January 21, 2013

Broad Beach

2013.01 Gold Coast broad beach
I arrived in Gold Coast on Wednesday afternoon - but it took until Saturday afternoon to break away from work and get to the beach. I also just happened to have downloaded a new pak (Tintype) for my Hipstamatic iPhone apps (thanks to the recommendation of UrbanMuser at Mortal Muses.) Without a doubt, the best 99 cents I spent all week.

2013.01 Gold Coast broad beach
By the time I got to the beach the day had turned very cloudy - great for my very pale skin - but even more so for my photos. The gloomy weather coupled with the new pak made for some very moody photos.

2013.01 Gold Coast broad beach
I brought my regular camera with me to Australia, but didn't have it when I got to the beach on Saturday and to be honest, I had so much fun playing with my iPhone I may leave the camera in the hotel safe the rest of the trip.

2013.01 Gold Coast broad beach
2013.01 Gold Coast broad beach
What was the latest photography iPhone (or Android) App you fell in love with?

"If it's the beaches' sand you want then you shall have them.
If it's the mountain's bending rivers then you will have them."
The Avett Brothers - If it's the Beaches Pin It


Karen said...

These are great---and moody is a great adjective for them. I've been playing with some HDR apps. My new fave is HDR Foto.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I was in the Gold Coast several years ago and experienced cloudy and rainy weather while I was there too. Your pictures turned out much better than mine :)
I've got to try that app!

Susan said...

Oh, the beach...with bare feet. I AM jealous. I went yesterday wrapped in hat, gloves, scarf, etc and stayed only 20 min.
I haven't tried any aps yet-but I need to. I have a little list of suggestions here and all I have to do is go get them. I guess I'm dragging my heels. Looks like this one creates a textured look with a small focus. Hmmmm. Glad you've arrived safely and hope the schedule is such that you get some free time to enjoy the new surrounds.

laura lok said...

wow those are awesome especially that first shot neeed to go check out that app

Lisa Gordon said...

I love Tintype, and you have shown so many beautiful reasons why, here. These are wonderful, Jamie!
Happy day to you.

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