Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Trip to the Spice Bazaar

I'm getting back to life and blogging after a bit of a work imposed hiatus. For the past couple of my months, my job took all of my time and attention, it also made life a bit boring with glimpse of daylight few and fleeting. Most of my days were spent in the office at my computer, including weekends and evenings. However, before things got incredibly crazy, I had one Sunday afternoon off in Istanbul and so I headed to the Spice Bazaar to soak up a bit of local color. In between serious haggling on our purchases I captured a few pictures, now that I'm back home and trying to get back into the normal swing of life, I've finally managed to get them off my camera and onto my long neglected blog.


"I know the world is new, and what you lost lives on inside of you."
Lavender Diamond - I Don't Recall

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Nikki McBride said...

Awesome pictures. Was the smell amazing or overwhelming?

~Kristina said...

Hopefully you are getting some very-well earned rest.

Rosie Grey said...

These photos are stunning, Jamie! I feel like I'm there and can smell all the different spices! I do hope things calm down for you soon!

Karen said...

So glad to see you pop up in my reader. Fabulous photos, as always. How much longer are you going to be in Istanbul? We're on our way there next month. How amazing would it be if we could meet in person half a world away?

Rikki said...

Amazing shots Jamie! So glad to see a new post. i was starting to get worried!

Diana Joy said...

Oh my..... fabulous pictures... just love the colors and textures. thanks.

Amanda said...

Beautiful photos -- I have never seen anything quite like this. Although, for me it would be very dangerous...I was always the child that used to stick her hands into everything so those overflowing pots would be so tempting. :)

Keep those trip pictures coming!

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