Monday, September 2, 2013

August Break?

Gold Coast

So, August happened, and I didn't get around to blogging.

I'd like to say it is because I've been crazy buys doing amazing things (which in part is true since I spent half of the month at home with my family.) But the bigger truth is that I've struggled to find any words.

I keep reminding myself that every move is hard, that adjusting to a new place, new culture, new job,  isn't easy; and even though I've done it enough time to call myself experienced, it still takes time. Time to start finding out who I am here. Time to find and make friends. Time to adjust and adapt.

I don't mean to complain - believe me, I know how lucky I am and I know that many would love an opportunity to live here in Australia, to explore a new culture, to have a fun job - I know because I love it. But it also doesn't mean that every day is a picnic.

I'm going to keep pushing through the adjustment phase. Reminding myself that it takes time, pushing myself to get out and find new ways to meet people and make friends. And taking the quiet time I need as well.

"Well I woke up this morning and I made a resolution, I said, I'm never going to sing another sad song."
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laura lok said...

Take your time we will be here. Life is akways an adjustment without it we would get bored. I hope the friendships are starting to happen you are an amazing person that has some great stories to tell. Which makes you interesting and obce people find you they will enjoy you. I went several months before I started posting on my blog again

Joanne said...

You are certainly up to the challenge, Just remember to smile at small things. You always find your way in new places, you are amazing to watch!

Krystal said...

ok clearly i have missed a lot, but you are living in australia??? that is amazing!

Rosie Grey said...

I can so relate to what you are saying, Jamie! My blog posts are more than irregular and I didn't move to Australia! Just know that whenever you are ready to write here again, I will be here! :-)
Have a wonderful time!

joojierose said...

Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog. That was EXACTLY why I wrote that talk - and it was the same thing in my ward here in Oxford, so many women who are not mothers, not married, or past that point in their lives came up and said thanks for the talk, that it was what they needed to hear. I hate that this is the exception. That we have to come to Church and only hear about one type of woman (or man!) we're meant to be. Because life circumstances are so individual, so unpredictable, and there's no reason we should delay our participation in the Gospel 'until we're married and have kids.' I myself am now married and pregnant, but honestly - I'm exactly the same person as I was 3 years ago when I was neither those things. My testimony and relationship with the Saviour are individual, and that's again, what our lives are meant for!

Anyway - Eliza Snow is incredibly inspiring for the ways she broke these barriers and lifted up ALL women to the work. When was the last time a General Authority asked if women (i.e. housewives/mothers) felt limited in their spheres? And said they could expand them through church leadership, schooling etc? These things are always deemed fallbacks from motherhood - but that's not how it should be. Our lives are long, and there's too much we can contribute at all different stages.

I think you'd be a wonderful YW leader! I too taught YW when I was the vagrant professional ex-pat, and I know the girls appreciated hearing different examples and stories of life trajectories. So yes - I think you're perfect for the job.

Good luck - thanks again (and sorry for such a long comment!!)

Diana Joy said...

It's Dec. 6, 2013... I think of you and check your blog occasionally. Hope you are ok.

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