Monday, June 30, 2014

From the 53rd Floor

I conned a friend into catching the sunrise with me a while back, and it is a good thing I did. We hadn't been out more than 30 minutes when it started to rain. Kind friend that she is, she then invited me to her apartment on the 53rd floor just off the beach.

This may have been my favorite beach trip yet. Good conversation and a yummy breakfast to eat while watching the sun and storm compete for dominance; pretty much the perfect morning.

Her views are spectacular, and I'm a bit jealous. She doesn't even have to crawl out of bed to catch the sunrise in the morning - she can watch it roll in every day from her apartment.

"We're the fire from the sun, we're the light when the day is done, we are the brave, we are the chosen ones, we're the diamonds."
Johnnyswim - Diamonds

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Kelly said...

Even with the rain, it looks beautiful!

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William said...

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