Friday, March 14, 2008

'til You Leave

Last night I had a great conversation with one of my co-workers here in Delhi. He's spent a lot of time in India and really loves it. Delhi is so different from every place else I've experienced I've struggled to explain it to friends and family. It's different and exciting which I love, it's dirty and smelly which I hate and the poverty here breaks my heart. Talking to him helped me realize that I need to take the time while I'm here to experience this country and its people, today I took a first step in that new goal. When the pedi-cabs started following behind me trying to get my business, instead of saying I don't need to go far I'll walk, today I jumped up on the bike and let the driver give me a lift. It was a blast, my feet weren't as dirty when I arrived home and I felt like my $1.25 helped a guy who was trying to earn an honest living.

As I talked to M last night about life in India and making the most of the time here, a phrase from a Tim McGraw song kept repeating in my head:

I stood at the crosswords
Took a long look at me
Sometimes you don't know where you're from 'til you leave

While I've always been proud to be a small town girl and can't imagine anyplace but Aurora being my hometown. I know my experiences in the past couple of years living abroad have made me appreciate that part of my life and the lessons I learned there so much more than I ever could have without leaving the familiar behind for a time.

My path through life isn't for everyone, but I know it has been the right one for me. I hope that the song's chorus comes true for me too at some point:

And I've been out there searching
For a place where I belong
And on my way I heard my song
Let it sing me home

I don't know that Aurora will ever be home for me again, but I'll find a place someday where I can feel the unconditional love and sense of belonging that I had as a child in Aurora.
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