Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuk Tuk

We affectionately call the auto-rickshaw's tuk tuk's which is kind of what they sound like. I think they are an interesting mode of transportation, they are cheap and small, don't take much fuel and since they are open they don't need air conditioning. They are, however, slow, and since there are no seat belts or doors, they might not be the safest form of transport around.

I've haven't had an uneventful tuk tuk ride yet. My first one ended when my driver dropped me off no where near where I asked to go and insisted I was where I should be. Next ride, I'd just headed for home when the driver pulled over to take a call (yes, even the tuk tuk drivers have cell phones here) next thing I knew he was pulling over another drive to take me home because he had to go get his son. Of course, when the second driver dropped me off he tried to tell me I owed him more than I negotiated with the first driver.

But my most recent trip is the best. I was coming home from church and had called a friend to tell him I was on my way. The tuk tuk stopped at a light and next thing I know there was a kid to the side of me trying to sell me a book, an old lady behind him trying to sell me toys, and, best of all, a kid to my right side selling me car window shades (what he thought I'd do with a car shade since I was riding in a tuk tuk I'll never know.) But the fun was just beginning, next thing I know the driver has pulled over, no where near where I was headed, and jumped out. This, of course, made me a bit nervous so I looked out the window to see what he was doing.....

He stopped to pee at the side of the tuk tuk. Once he'd taken care of business he jumped back in and away we went. I had a hard time not laughing the rest of the trip, and since it was a nice sunny day, a nice sunny song popped into my head, Just a Ride by Jem, I spent the rest of the trip humming along:

Life, it's ever so strange
It's so full of change
Think that you've worked it out
then BANG
Right out of the blue
Something happens to you
To throw you off course
and then you

Yeah you breakdown
Well don't you breakdown
Listen to me

It's just a ride, it's just a ride
no need to run, no need to hide
It'll take you round and round
Sometimes you're up
sometimes you're down
It's just a ride, it's just a ride
don't be scared
don't hide your eyes
It may feel so real inside
but don't forget it's just a ride

Here's hoping your next ride is as fun as mine

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