Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I've been feeling a bit homesick and nostalgic for Seattle lately, so last night I found myself skimming through the iPod listening to songs that reminded me of my home. The last one I listened to was Joe Purdy's "I Love the Rain the Most When it Stops," - the perfect song for my mood (made even better today when I remember I discovered Joe through Grey's Anatomy, my favorite Seattle-based show):

Well, I love the rain the most when it stops
We can see the big white houses, yeah, and the docks
And we can jump in the river, don't know if the water or sky is clearer
But I know that I love the rain the most when it stops
Yeah, when it stops

I woke up several times last night sure I could hear it raining outside, which I kept telling myself was absurd since we are two months away from the monsoon season. I was sure it was just my subconscious remembering of the song. To my surprise when I headed out of the flat this morning, dusty-Delhi had become muddy-Delhi and, as an added bonus, our basement office had flooded.

Now, while I'm sure science and mother-nature were mostly responsible for the rain. I can't help but think my homesickness for Seattle and music choice had something to do with the storm.

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