Thursday, April 24, 2008

Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, err Week

I feel a bit like Alexander from one of my favorite childhood stories, but since I'm an adult and not a child, I think my luck has stretched from a bad day to a bad week. I wasn't expecting a bad week, I'd just come off a great weekend - I finally got away from Delhi and stayed at a great place a few hours out of town (I'll post some photos and experiences this weekend.) I woke up okay, got dressed got in the car to come to work and knew instantly that something wasn't right. Yup - Delhi Belly struck again. I figured I've survived this a few times, no big deal, I'll rest up today, drink plenty of liquid and be fine to go. But thanks to the hotter than hot temperatures, dehydration and my inability to keep food down I'm still not feeling myself. (Mom if your reading this, it's not that bad, I'm just whinging as my Aussie friends would say.)

I wasn't ready to write the week off until today, I double booked myself and left a nice guy waiting for me at the coffee shop. This poor guy had driven across the city (not a short trip here in Delhi) and waited for me for who knows how long before he called, I felt terrible. I couldn't break away and had to ask him to come back later.

When I went to meet him this afternoon, I got there early to hit the ATM. I climbed the rickety stairs to the little booth only to discover the ATM wasn't working, which meant I'd have to get my cash from the other machine which gave me a fake bill the week before! I was mad and wasn't paying attention as I climbed down the rickety stairs and either missed a step or my foot (which was covered in dust from the Office/Demolition Site) slipped and down I went, of course it was in the middle of a crowd! With a scraped elbow, aching head and dented pride, I limped off to the shady ATM. Here's hoping it didn't cheat me this week.

There's only one song that works for today: REM's "Bad Day"

It's been a bad day
Please don't take a picture
It's been a bad day

NOTE: No political statement here, just fit my mood.
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HeRoosSheRoos said...

Ooooh, I'm sorry! So are we going to get an update about the very nice guy who got stood up?

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