Tuesday, May 27, 2008

14 Hours

The best part about a 14 hour flight (if you are lucky enough to be on an airline that offers video on demand) is the chance to catch up on the movies you've missed. Between Doha, Qatar and Washington DC I managed to watch:

The Bucket List
August Rush
National Treasure 2
I Am Legend

A good way to pass the time. To bad I had another 8 1/2 hours in flight on planes with no movies. I filled this time reading and listening to music. As usually, the Shuffle genie picked a song that was a perfect accompaniment for my trip, Julie Robert's "Mama Don't Cry"

I remember standing at the end of the driveway
Looking down that highway wondering how far it goes
And I can feel your hand resting on my shoulder
Hear you saying, baby, don't forget when you're grown
That road will always lead you home

It's a wide, wide world looking out this window
Thirty thousand feet above the ground I grew up on
Just a small town girl out here chasing rainbows
Doing what I can to stand up on my own
You taught me well, you raised me right
So Mama don't cry
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