Sunday, May 4, 2008


It's been a Ray LaMontagne day for me, listening to his voice makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in a bubble of comfort and peace. He is somehow gruff and warm at the same time - perfect for a rainy day or a day when it's 112 and too hot to go out.

I could never pick a favorite song, but today I've hit repeat on "Be Here Now" several times. I think the lyrics resonate with me as I start counting down the days until I leave Delhi (for a while at least.)

Don't let your mind get weary and confused
Your will be still, don't try
Don't let your heart get heavy child
Inside you there's a strength that lies

Don't let your soul get lonely child
It's only time, it will go by
Don't look for love in faces, places
It's in you, that's where you'll find kindness

Be here now, here now

I'm working on being more "present" in my life and not just looking forward to the next thing. For years I thought life will really begin when...(insert random thing I thought I needed for happiness.) I'm slowly realizing that I have an amazing life, I have adventures that I couldn't even imagine a decade ago and I should be enjoying every minute and not waste time thinking things would be perfect if I had more money, a great guy to share life with or a kid to raise.

I know without a doubt there is a reason I'm on this path in life, which I'll admit can be lonely at times, I may not know the reason today, but I'm sure it will slap me in the face eventually. In the meantime, I'm going to keep trying to find happiness and contentment in each day, enjoying each experience for exactly what it is.

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HeRoosSheRoos said...

You're so wise. It's difficult to enjoy and live in the moment but when I do, I'm so much happier. When you're in town, I would love to meet for lunch!

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