Thursday, May 28, 2009


One of the few regrets I have from my 2 years in Brazil was that I didn’t take the time to get out of Rio and explore the rest of Brazil and South America. I promised myself when I would do better while I was in this part of the world. So far I’ve been keeping that promise, I’ve seen Muscat and Kathmandu and although I keep saying I’ll explore more of India, but so far, aside from the Taj Mahal, it seems every time I start planning a weekend away I find myself wanted a break from the chaos of India. This time is no different. I’m headed to Dubai for the weekend and plan to spend my time sleeping in, shopping and pampering myself.

I’ve packed my camera and will try and snap a few picks of what looks to be a beautiful hotel and the world’s largest mall and tallest building.

As I sit at work praying the next 90 minutes will fly by I’m listening to Mandy Moore’s new album and like her last album I quite like it. Here is the first song to relax you into your weekend:

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Mindy said...

How lucky!!! I think it would be so fun to see all of these neat places. Have a great time pampering yourself and sleeping in!!!

Nicole said...

Have fun and be careful. Not diggin the Mandy Moore song though. Maybe I need to listen to it again.

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