Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've had a couple of great conversations with friends in the past week about living life in the present and not falling into this trap:

"Life will be great / perfect / better when I (insert goal here - find a great guy, have kids, finish this project, get home from Delhi, etc.")

Living in the present is something I'm always striving to do, but I often need a reminder that some of my best memories are the ones that come from me surrendering and enjoying the journey and not being so focused on some destination.

As I drove home from dinner last night my trusty 3 Doors Down cd came on and a line from the first cut really hit a nerve with me - "I swear right now I'm right where I belong."

I realized that I may not know exactly where my life is headed or what else is around the bend, but I do know that I'm living the life I am supposed to right now - and I've resolved to enjoy it more for what it is and not spend so much time worried about what is next and how I'm going to get there.

Right Where I Belong - 3 Doors Down

If you want a little something else to ponder today, how about this line from the same song:

"There's a difference in spending time with me and killing time while I'm there."

Just a couple of reasons I love 3 Doors Down. Pin It


Mindy said...

What a great post!!! Such a good reminder to live in the now!!!!

HeRoosSheRoos said...

This is a great post! I hope you're doing well. I'm anxious to hear what you've been up to lately.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie,
I'm finally back and have internet access and I was brainstorming trying new names trying to get yours and this one worked! Keep in touch! Hope the wedding went well.

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