Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm holding down the fort at my parent's house while my dad has knee surgery and last night things got a little exciting.

I took the dogs out before putting them to bed so they could take care of business. After a minute or two, I noticed my dog, Sadie, had stopped to play with something, which I quickly realized was a toad. I started yelling at her trying to get her to leave it alone because it just seemed mean to play with the little toad that way. Of course I didn't go over and make her stop, I just stood and yelled - not because I'm lazy but because I have a thing about toads and didn't really want to get to close.

She finally listened and finished up her business. As she came in I started shaking my finger at her and telling her she was going to get warts if she played with toads. That's when I noticed she was foaming at the mouth. I tried to grab her, but since I'd just spent the last 5 minutes yelling at her she dashed off. I kept trying to grab her but finally called down to my brother J for help. I was starting to envision a very large vet bill in my future. As he walked up the stairs he asked me what she ate, I told him nothing that I knew of but that she'd been playing with a toad. He started to laugh.

Luckily he knew that toads emit something that causes their predators (like Sadie) to foam at the mouth and we just needed to wash her mouth out. He was able to catch her and soon she was foam free. I'm happy to report no lasting effects, aside from having a good story to tell.

Guys - if I have any male readers that is - don't take this song as a dig, I'm just posting it because how many other songs can you think of that include both frogs and dogs in them?

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Jamey said...

That is too funny - I didn't know that about toads either, I would have been freaking out too!

I am going to try to make your crepes for breakfast tomorrow - they were delicious! I just found a recipe off the internet, hopefully they are as good as yours!

Heidi said...

I did not know that about toads! We had an infestation...can I use that word? a couple of years ago...thousands of toads everywhere we went. It was wild. Glad you weren't here...seeing as how you have a thing about toads!

Nicole said...

I left this post up on the computer for a couple minutes before I sat down to read it and Maggie saw it and started yelling "Saide, Sadie." Too cute!

The Estes Family said...

I didn't know that toads did that either, gross!! Good thing J was there!! I feel so bad I missed the shower, I hope you had a good turn out I'm so excited to meet her!!

HeRoosSheRoos said...

I guess we learn something new everyday. Gross.

Maria Killam said...

Well that's good he knew what to do! At least the little toad ended up okay and it was a happy ending!


Maegan Beishline said...

Hi Jamie! I'm your Favorite Things Swap partner and just wanted to stop and say "Hi".

...I would not have gotten between the dog and the toad either!

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