Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

I was going to post a few photos of Christmas, but just realized I didn't load the pictures on to my computer when I gave them to my sister - who conveniently already posted them.  Rather than redo the work, I'll just say it was a wonderful Christmas.  The little ones are just starting to realize what the holiday is - and what it means to get presents.

Since it was just me, mom, dad and grandpa until mid-afternoon, we spent the morning watching movies and relaxing.  But take it from me, watching "Bad Santa" with your parent's isn't a good idea,  I'd forgot just how naughty that movie was - even after its been edited for TV.    It didn't take long before we switched to "The Proposal," a much more entertaining option.

Once the kids arrived we unwrapped gifts like crazy.  Even when we all think we know what we are getting, mom usually finds a way to surprise us.  This year she made us all aprons - in my case, the most adorable retro looking apron.  I was so inspired I even helped cooked dinner - something I usually avoid doing at all costs.

In my family we've decided that having kids around really does change everything and makes Christmas magical.  I hope your Christmas was equally joyful.

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Nicole said...

I love my apron too, although it didn't inspire me that way it did you! :) I still need a pic with all of us in them so I can blog it.

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