Friday, December 11, 2009

Living a Life in Limbo

One of the reason (excuses) I haven't posted in a while is because my life as been in a state of limbo.  Here's how strange things have been.

  • Nov 8 - Leave for Delhi, expecting to arrive on the 9th
  • Nov 8 & 9 - Get stuck in Cincinnati, arrive in Delhi on the 10th, planning to stay until Dec 19
  • Nov 10 - Luggage lost in transit
  • Nov 13 - Luggage finally arrives
  • Nov 15 - Move out of my normal apartment to a guest house
  • Nov 18 - Find out I'm leaving Delhi early to work on another project
  • Nov 19 - Find out I may be staying in Delhi
  • Nov 21 - Move back to the apartment and find out I'm leaving Delhi (this time for sure)
  • Nov 22 - Pack to leave Delhi (I hadn't even unpacked yet)
  • Nov 25 - Fly home
  • Nov 26 - Celebrate Thanksgiving with my family (perfect surprise!)
  • Nov 29 - Back to Salt Lake expecting to leave the next day to a new project
  • Nov 30 'til today - still waiting and expecting to leave any day
It's been a strange existence thinking I need to be ready to hop on a plane with a minutes notice.  While I've LOVED being at home I don't feel like I've taken advantage of the time because I don't want to get too invested in anything in case I have to leave.  On the positive side - I finally got my office cleaned and organized something I've wanted to do for months, so its not all time wasted.

The latest news?  I still could get on a plane Tuesday or things could continue to move slowly and I'll still be here at Christmas.  I am however, dying to share where I'm headed to next, so check back again soon and maybe I'll finally have some news.

If you hate twangy music, stop now.  But if you like it or have an open mind, check out the latest from Gary Allan.  I don't know what it is about his voice, but his songs break my heart, I can honestly hear the pain in his voice and in the right mood he brings me to tears.  The way he delivers the line, "But I've lost everything, I've lost everything I every wanted, today" just kills me.  I also love that the video uses a live cut of the music and not the studio cut, it makes it even more real and beautiful.
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Nicole said...

So now you aren't leaving until Tuesday?

Maegan Beishline said...

Wow, Jamie! It would be hard not knowing what your days ahead are bringing! It sounds like you're handling it very well, though. I love Gary Allen's voice, too! It's amazing. And I heard somewhere that his wife died a few years back so I think his pain is very real.

Have a great weekend!

Rikki said...

I know that it's frustrating for you, but it makes me happy to see a light on at your house!

The Estes Family said...

Wow that is crazy, I wish we would have made it over for thanksgiving, my moms took longer than we thought it looks like it was fun. Hopefully things will slow down for you soon :)

HeRoosSheRoos said...

Craziness! I don't handle suspense very well. I can't wait to hear where you might be headed.

jane said...

you are all-over the place these days, crazy. i hope you enjoy the holidays, it would be fun to see more pictures of YOU! but great photos!

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