Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Love Again

When I lived in Seattle I had a subscription to Netflix and loved it - but when I moved to Brazil I canceled it and have missed it ever since.

When I moved back to SLC, I knew I'd be around for at least a couple of months so I signed back up - and I've fallen in love with it all over again.  This time around I can't get enough of the instant play feature.  I love that I can turn on my Wii or computer and instantly watch hundreds of movies and TV shows.  So far I've watched 4 seasons of 30 Rock (how did I miss this hilarious show?)  And am now working my way through 3 seasons of the BBC's Robin Hood (in a word - AWESOME!)

I've enjoyed instant play so much the first physical dvd I received (3 weeks ago) is still sitting on my TV.

Are you a Netflix fan?  Any movies or TV shows I need to add to my queue?

Have you heard the new song by The Decemberists?  I like it.
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cindy said...

we are also new to netflix after canceling hbo. although it's a bit graphic, we absolutely LOVE dexter and are just about finished with all of the seasons. it's really smart and keeps you guessing.

have you seen the movie 'everlasting moments'? it's a wonderful story about a women in sweden who discovers photography. her husband is kind of rough, but it is beautiful to watch, which i'm doing online for the second time. the documentary 'babies' is also really wonderful.

i love that song. their sound is so unique. enjoy!

Gilding Lilies said...

I'm a big Netflix fan too. I started my subscription when I lived a long distance from town, and the late fees where killing me. Now that I live closer to town, I keep it 'cause I'm simply hooked. I have so many suggestions I don't even know where to start - I'll write you with my list.

Nicole said...

I've been staying up way to late at nights watching Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix. I have 2 seasons left to go. :) Such a glorious waste of time.

Ashley Sisk said...

Mad Men, Dexter, Six Feet Under (if you haven't seen that already)...basically anything on HBO or Showtime. I watch way too much tv.

Laloofah said...

We're big Netflix fans too, and since replacing our 9 year old iMac with a new one and getting a faster ISP recently, we're able to enjoy the "Watch Instantly" feature for the first time and are loving it too!

We haven't watched anything but PBS in years so we've been out of the TV loop for quite a while. But I've been a big film buff since college and we watch a lot of movies - mostly independent and foreign films along with some of the more mainstream ones and documentaries. I could recommend a lot of movies, but it's hard when you don't really know someone's tastes and preferences (though your "favorite movies" list on your profile helps a little! "Love, Actually" is one of my very favorites too!) :-)

There is one film I feel pretty confident recommending to you though... have you seen Once? Having heard and really liked a fair bit of your taste in music lately, it's the music in this film (about an Irish busker and a Czech pianist, their friendship and their music) that makes me think you'd enjoy it!

blue elephant photography said...

i like that song! we're thinking of getting netflix, we're kinda just slow in deciding with all the busy-ness right now.

i agree with laloofah,you should watch Once, i like the music! no i LOVE the music :)

Clare B said...

Mad Men is my new favourite as well - we don't have a TV so everything is re-plays from the internet

Krystal said...

I'm listening right now! I sooo miss Netflix, I had it when I lived in the US and it was so fun. Have you seen "Man on Wire"? check it out! It's one of the movies I remember getting with it :)

justine said...

I don't know what netflik is but assume you can only get it in America which is a real shame.

chasity said...

haven't tried netflix...i'm always so behind.

yes~ 30 rock cracks me up.
and the office.

which are both on tonight. yea!

a hearty laugh is good for the soul.

have a beautiful fall day.

lisa said...

Absolutely love Netflix.
So many movies, so little time!!!

bethany said...

I am such a Netflix addict! My guy and I share the account long distance, and he never fails to tease me about the number of Instant Play options I can burn through in a week.

Are you as glued to the "New to Watch Instantly!" tab as I am? Oh my.

Miss Becky said...

I love Netflix, and I recommend Showtime's The Tudors. Just finished watching all available episodes. Lavishly done, and a loose history lesson "to boot". Is that the correct expression? hope so.

R Montalban said...

Love 30 Rock and like this song too.

Nikki said...

Our household would not survive without the watch instantly netflix! My kids know how to hop on the computer and get their own shows going.

I love that they offer old flicks and so many fascinating documentaries.

sheara121 said...

the tv show southland, starring michael cudlitz (my hollywood crush), ben mckenzie, and regina king!! it's a cop show that is character driven; it's not a procedural. BEAUTIFULLY written, very realistic characters. the west wing of cop shows :-)

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