Monday, May 28, 2012

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2012.05 Edinburgh (51 of 107)
Happy Monday. I'm enjoying a rare (for me) long weekend at home. It feels amazing to sleep in my own bed and not be worried about packing a bag for at least a week. I spent a good share of the day Saturday backing up photos after a lost luggage scare last week - nothing like the thought of losing a years worth of photos to make you get serious about back ups!

2012.05 Edinburgh (47 of 107)
To fill out the rest of the weekend, my niece/nephew visited for a sleep over, we did the traditional BBQ thing and managed to finally see the Avengers (great movie.)

2012.05 Edinburgh (89 of 107)
The photos here are a few more of the art installations at Artland Jupiter in Edinburgh, I think I could have spent days there, there was something interesting around every bend.

2012.05 Edinburgh (84 of 107)
I'm off to make breakfast for Miss M and Tiny T - here's hoping they are okay with omelet's or don't mind having chocolate almond milk in their cereal, my pantry is not particularly kid friendly!

My soundtrack this weekend included a lot of Kings of Leon - for some reason their music says summer to me. Here's their Beach Side.
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Selene said...


~Kristina said...

Something about that image of the bars is speaking to me today.
Enjoy your home time!

tinajo said...

Great pics, especially love the last one! :-)

Kat Sloma said...

Enjoy your day! It sounds like a lovely break from the busyness. Whew, glad you didn't lose a year's worth of photos! I especially love the last two images.

Christianna said...

Hey, do you mind sending me info on that place you went in Edinburgh? We are going there on our travels and it looks awesome!

Nicole said...

That last pic is so cool!!

lisa. said...

I am so glad you were able to enjoy the long weekend at home Jamie, and I'll bet Miss M and Tiny T were happy too!

The first photograph here is amazing. I am in awe of the work that must have gone into the making of it. Really beautiful!

I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

Karen said...

Love, love, love that last photo! Glad the luggage wasn't really lost!

Stampmouse said...

interesting art. that flower thing looks crazy but fun at the same time

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