Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inside the Cathedral

I'm in London for an event you might have heard about somewhere on the news....Because I plan to experience as much of the Games as I can, I've scheduled some posts to keep this little blog of mine going while I'm gone (and to help me catch up with my never ending backlog of photos taken on other trips.) If you want to keep up with me in real time, and see a few of my London photos, catch me on Instagram @jamieshaw_lj.  Switzerland (25 of 155)
One of my favorite parts of travel is exploring old buildings and churches. Maybe it is because I spent most of my life in the Western US, where old means mid- to late 1800s, but I love experiencing historical buildings. The detail and craftsman ship blows me away, especially when I stop and think about the tools that were available when the buildings were crafted. The cathedral in Lausanne was no different. I've visited several times and each time I go, I find something new to marvel at - the building is simply stunning. Here are a few photos from my trip there last fall.

Switzerland (26 of 155)
Switzerland (31 of 155)
Switzerland (33 of 155)
Switzerland (35 of 155)
Switzerland (40 of 155)
Switzerland (43 of 155)
Switzerland (48 of 155)

The inside of a cathedral seems to be a fitting place for a listen to the new Bon Iver: Beth/Rest.
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Dagmar said...

Oh Jamie, how wonderful to see it all thru your lens! happy summer games..hopefully you will get to see and share many sights❤

Caroline said... jaw is on the floor. What stunning photos!!! Enjoy the games!

Susan said...

Wow you photographed this beautifully. I especially like the 3rd and 5th shots. Hope you have lots of fun in London.

Cindy said...

the cathedral is incredible. how did they do that without our modern day equipment? amazing. have fun in london ... looking forward to your snaps. cheers!

Krystal said...

i am so dumb with instagram, i have no idea how to use it! but enjoy london!!!

This is Belgium said...

might run into you ... will go next weekend

Amanda said...

Wow these pictures are breathtaking! I love that you are in London enjoying the games that I'll be watching tonight with my sushi and wine.

Will follow you on instagram now too! :)

Karen said...

How exciting to be at the Olympics!!! These photographs are simply stunning.

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