Monday, July 30, 2012

The Streets of Lausanne

I'm in London for an event you might have heard about somewhere on the news....Because I plan to experience as much of the Games as I can, I've scheduled some posts to keep this little blog of mine going while I'm gone (and to help me catch up with my never ending backlog of photos taken on other trips.) If you want to keep up with me in real time, and see a few of my London photos, catch me on Instagram @jamieshaw_lj.
Switzerland (72 of 155)
I love looking at street photography - but I'm not much of a street photographer - it makes me feel self conscious to be out on the street with a camera taking pictures of strangers. Does anyone else struggle street photography for that reason? I find I worry about it less when I leave the dslr home and use a smaller camera.

Switzerland (1 of 155)
Switzerland (85 of 155)
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Switzerland (151 of 155)
True story - these two photos are the same street. The top one was taken on Saturday the bottom on Sunday. This is a town that REALLY does shut down on Sunday.

When I typed the title of this post I immediately started singing Band of Horses' Laredo - and couldn't figure out why until I remembered a Johnny Cash song: Streets of Laredo. I think it is safe to say Laredo and Lausanne have very little in common, but still, my mind and music can bring them together. Pin It


Corinne said...

They are all gorgeous... makes me want for an adventure :) Hope you're having a wonderful time in London!! Loving your instagram! xoxo

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Loving these!!! Have fun in London. :D

Cindy said...

street photography is my biggest challenge ... probably because i'm kind of shy and don't want my photo taken by random people, either. love your photos of lausanne and london on instagram.

Karen said...

Another fabulous set of photos. I love the street scenes, but I couldn't pick a favorite---do love the one of the market, though.

Rosie Grey said...

Gorgeous shots, Jamie! And now I don't get that song out of my head again...! ;-) I love to see your Olympic and London photos on Instagram!

tinajo said...

How fun - enjoy and tell all about it later! :-)

Dagmar said...

Love all those photos os day when we go back to to see it❤

blue elephant photography said...

interesting on how the streets look different on those days! still i would love to visit :)

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