Monday, August 27, 2012

London Experience: The Park

Being in London for the Games was such a fantastic experience. I've been a part of this world for more than a dozen years, and there are times when, in the drudge of daily work, I forget how powerful it is to be a part of an event that captures the world's attention in such a positive way. Think about it - when the world comes together and focuses on one thing, that thing is usually negative: a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, etc. It is rare that we all come together for something positive and uplifting, but the Games can do it. We suddenly have something we share and we find ourselves inspired by the amazing dedication and spirit of the athletes.

2012.08 London 2012 Olympics (77 of 323)
The Park in the Stratford area of London was the heart of the Games. I only got to visit a couple of times, but I was blown away by not just the venues, but by all the people and the warmth and friendliness everywhere you went.

Crowds at Olympic park
Some photos of the crowd at the Park - a great cross section of people everywhere I went.

2012.08 London 2012 Olympics (10 of 323)
Both of the events I went to in the Park were at the Aquatics Center, it was such a cool shape, and, lucky for my feet, very close to the entrance to the park and near the main stadium (and home of the cauldron, which sadly I never got to see!)

Olympic Park venues
A few more photos of the Park venues.

For some reason, photos of crowds makes me want to listen to electronica, so here is a little David Guetta and Sia: Titanium  Pin It


Stampmouse said...

What an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing

DecorandtheDog said...

Completely jealous! I loved following your Instagram photos.

Stephanie said...

What an amazing trip! I would've loved to have been at the Olympics in London...I've always wanted to go to the games, and the games in London would have been awesome, I bet!

Christianna said...

Wow, you actually got to go! How cool is that! We went to pub in Scotland for the opening ceremonies! Seriously, we were traveling around so much that we didn't get to watch very much of it! But it was awesome none the less!

The Felix Family said...

Oh My gosh!! What awesome pictures! I hope you'll tell us more about your experience there. I bet it was amazing!!

Sara said...

Those are amazing! I'm so jealous that you got to experience this amazing event. We watched SO much Olympics this year. One of these days we're going to make it!

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh Jamie, how lucky you were to be there!
I was getting excited just watching it on television.
Thank you for taking us along here!

Anna said...

Hi Jamie,
It was really fun to come along with you on this adventure! Lots of color and shapes to capture, and certainly tons of people. How luck you were to see it all first hand.
I also enjoyed catching up on your Zion photos. I definitely want to visit there again. Last time we went there, I didn't have the interest in photography that I do's going to be soooo great next time I get to venture out west. Our family loves Arches Park, too.
Happy end of summer to you :)

Amanda said...

Your pictures blows NBC's coverage out of the water. 'Cuz I know you and I don't know them. :)

But seriously, love the pictures -- especially the one of the aquatic center.

Can't believe how much time I spent watching the Olympics and now it's over.

Cindy said...

i agree with you and so much hard, hard work to get to the olympic-level. i enjoyed watching events like archery, fencing, table tennis, but probably won't watch them for another four years. sochi, here you come, we hope if you do :). it looks like it will be incredible!

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