Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zion National Park: Skyline

There are some cities that can be recognized in an instant thanks to their unique (and beautiful) skylines. New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, etc. These man-made skylines tell us where we are and about the history of the city. The skyline in Zion National Park is equally unique. This nature made skyline has been refined over millions of year and in the layers and jags of the cliffs you can see the history of this beautiful and fascinating place.


Walking through the park makes me feel so free, Zac Brown Band's Uncaged gives me a taste of that same feeling.
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Stampmouse said...

Beautiful beautiful. Heaven on earth

Dagmar said...

So glad you shared Zion...was the best part our our return trip from Az. to BC this spring! Wonderful photos❤

tinajo said...

Oh wow - so stunning!

Karen said...

We spent two days at Zion a few years ago, and it was one park we know we'd like to return to. We saw the highlights, but didn't have enough time to do all the exploring we would have liked to do. Beautiful photos!

blue elephant photography said...

i feel like these photos need to go on a frame, a calendar or huge poster :)

Jerica said...

I got to watch the sun set over Zions on my way home from work everyday. Your pictures feel like home for me.

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