Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vienna Faces

I'm usually too shy to take photos of other people - but there were a few faces in Vienna I just had to get brave enough to capture. How about you, are you a brave street photographer, or are you more like me - love it when you get home with pics of interesting people, but feel the need to sneak each one of those photos, hoping no one will notice you snapping?

The secret to this photo? I cropped out a guy using his iPad to take photos....for some reason I find it so odd to see someone holding something that big and using it as a camera.

I'd like to be as chic as this girl someday....

I know this one is blurry - and it is still one of my favorite photos taken in Vienna, it just makes me smile.

"I remembered how it felt to be alive"

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tinajo said...

Love these! I´m always scared that someone will get angry so I almost never dare to take one - and I don´t want to ask in advance either since that makes them so aware. :-/

Joanne said...

You were able to do and see many things in that short trip! a wonderful weekend. Hurry home!!

Blond Duck said...

What fun!

Dagmar said...

So many wonderful street scenes...I love the feel of your we were part of it all..just wonderful Jamie.❤

Jerica said...

These are so great! I love the first one with the stroller. That pose is awesome. I, too, get a laugh when people take photos with their iPads. I love that you captured some of the street life with these photos, makes your trip a little more realistic and fun.

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