Monday, December 10, 2012

Vienna Opera House

Work has completely taken over life here in Istanbul. When your time sheet tallies into the triple digits that isn't time for much beyond sleep, which is my excuse for basically ignoring blog land. Still I have some photos left from Vienna, 15 minutes before the bus comes for me and a dream of getting outside the 4 walls of my office and apartment in just two short weeks.

I think the last time I counted down til Christmas (when this work deadline will be wrapped up) this eagerly since I was a kid.

I'm not big on Christmas music (what a grinch) but Joni Mitchell's River seems to get played at least once a day.

Joni Mitchell - River
"I would teach my feet to fly"
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~Kristina said...

Blogland will wait. You get rest.

Clinton Painter said...

I love "River", but I think you know I like Sarah's versionthismuchmore. Yes, Jamie, blogland will wait. But I do have to say thank you for sharing such amazing pictures. The lawn in that last picture looks fake, it is so green. Maybe because the lawn at my house is yellow.

Dagmar said...

Amazing photos Jamie, and Imlove that song, whoever sings it! let the countdown begin.🌵

Krystal said...

gorgeous!! we went to vienna this summer but i didn't get to see that!

Karen said...

Love the first two photos, so beautifully composed!

Stampmouse said...

Glad you are getting to come home for Christmas. That's crazy hours.

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