Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

And, just for the record - the picture was taken in my snowy front yard this morning.
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How to explain my recent lack of posts?  I could blame it all on work and and I wouldn't be lying. But the real truth is that I've been feeling a bit blue and haven't been able to come up with anything light-heart and fun to blog about; worse, those songs that usually fill my head have been missing. 

I've been home for 2 days and work has been as busy as it was in Rio - but working from home means I can turn the music up as loud as I want and sing as I type - in the hope that the music will start playing in my head again.  

Today I ran across a song that reminded me that I get to chose whether to stay blue or to fight my way back to a happier place - this is me choosing to fight.

I've been beaten up and bruised
I've been kicked right off my shoes
Been down on my knees more times than you'd believe
When the darkness tries to get me
There's a light that just won't let me
It might take my pride, and tears may fill my eyes
But I'll stand back up

I've weathered all these storms
But I just turn them into wind so I can fly
What don't kill you makes you stronger
When I take my last breath
That's when I'll just give up

So go ahead take your best shot
Let 'er rip, give it all you've got
You might win this round but you can't keep me down
'Cause I'll sand back up
And you'll know just the moment when I've had enough
Sometimes I'm afraid and I don't feel that tough
But I'll stand back up.

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