Monday, August 31, 2009


I blog so I have a history of some of the events in my life, so excuse me for a minute while I celebrate and record a happy event.

My niece, Miss M, yes the one I can't stop posting photos of, finally said my name. I've been waiting for months, and wouldn't you know it, it happened while I was gone. She mastered mom and dad forever ago, gramma at least 6 months ago and papa a few months later. She even picked up my dog's name, which frustrated me to no end. After all how much harder is it to say Jamie than it is Sadie. But no matter what I tried I couldn't get her to call me anything.

Sunday Gamma and Miss M were looking at pictures on the computer. Gamma pulled one up of me and asked Maggie who it was and for the first time, she called me Jamie. I'm a very proud auntie and can't wait to see her again in a month to see if she remembers me.

And now for the most obvious song selection ever:

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Sunday, August 30, 2009


It was a rainy morning in Delhi and the weather seemed to suit my mood. I just wanted a day where I could curl up with a good book, good music and relax.

For the most part I got my wish (if you don't count the 5 hours I spent working.) The weather, my mood and a great new discovery, Ane Brun combined for a perfect lazy Sunday.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


When I pulled the photos of the office off my camera I discovered a bunch of photos I'd forgotten about. Here's a peek.

On Miss M's second birthday my sister decided to go to The Gateway to let M play in the fountain (her birthday party was the previous weekend so the family could come.) Miss M loves the water, give her a pool or a sprinkler and she's in heaven, so we assumed she'd have a blast. Turns out she was a bit afraid to go in on her own - and her defense the place was crawling with older kids. Since N and I weren't up for getting wet we just watched M enjoy the show. She loved it, and as usual we loved watching her, well we enjoyed everything except the tantrum. Turns out she wanted to eat her ice cream herself, the kid has an independent streak just like her aunt. The little girl has also developed a love for accessories.

As usual, Tiny T sat back and enjoyed the afternoon in his own chill kind of way.

A happy little song for a happy little afternoon.

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While I was in the US the group I work with here in Delhi finally moved into their new offices. It's been great to work in place where I'm not worried about my chair disappearing if I get up to go to the restroom.

This week they started adding a little color to the place. Colorful banners and signs are a great side benefit from working in my industry. How many other work locations can decorate like this?

This last bit of color got its start in the office, but ended up brightening my apartment this weekend. One of the guys at work got roses for his birthday, he was headed out of town so the roses ended up with me. Can't say that I mind.

Love this guy - Amos Lee "Colors"

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm trying to get back in to the habit of posting regularly, so I set a goal this morning that by the end of the day I'd have something worthwhile to post about and then I'd post. Only problem? My day has been boring. I went to a bunch of meetings - and was late to nearly every one. Not that it matters too much here as time is a bit more flexible than back home. Any time I wasn't in meetings was spent either working on a report I have due or making travel arrangements. Just an average ordinary day and nothing inspiring in my head

The trip home was quick and easy - the best we've seen in a while, but only because we left the office early so we could be home in time for a conference call that got pushed back until later this evening anyway. I'm telling you, nothing in this day is worth a post, and yet, I've sat here and managed to write two paragraphs, so at the very least I'm achieving my goal. I may be boring you in the process, but I managed to post.

Here's hoping all my days in Delhi aren't this boring.

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Monday, August 24, 2009


Delhi got hit with a massive storm Friday in the hours before we all headed home from work. There was tons of rain and the wind was intense. I was in a meeting room at the office during the worst of it and I was ready to jump away from the windows on a minutes notice.

The rest of my team was smart and decided to grab a bite to eat and a drink before facing the traffic after work, but I was still feeling a bit jet lagged and just wanted to head home. My mistake. The trip that normally takes 25 minutes took over an hour and 45 minutes. Many roads were flooded and trees were down all over. Even with a very aggressive drive we just crawled home.

I finally made it home and was planning to catch up on the email I missed at work because the internet was down and then relax for the rest of the evening. However, I arrived home to a very dark house - the power was out and it stayed that way for hours. I finally gave up and went to be early - probably the best thing I could have done for my tired body.

The pictures above are from Sunday early afternoon and were taken just a half a block from my flat. Trees are still blocking the roads and causing traffic hold ups even this many days since the storm.

I just can't get enough of Adele - I love her voice. Here's her "Right as Rain." I know I've felt exactly this way on occasion:

Who wants to be right as rain
It's better when something is wrong
You get excitement in your bones
And everything you do is a game

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Saturday, August 22, 2009


At the wedding we had tiny bottles of bubbles to use as a send off for the bride and groom. We pulled them out a bit early to entertain Miss M (and ourselves) as the night was wearing down.

She's still trying to learn how to blow bubbles, after all for a two year old it is tough getting the wand in exactly the right place and blowing just hard enough. She occasionally made it work, but grandma and uncle J also stood behind her and helped her out a bit when she wasn't looking.

She had a blast with the bubbles and it made the last 30-40 minutes of the evening a lot of fun for all of us as well. The last photo is a great shot of her evil cackle, if you know her well, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It is this hilariously fake sounding laugh where she scrunches her face up and reminds me of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies. I love that I caught it on camera.

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My baby brother J got married last week. The entire day was wonderful, from the morning ceremony that sealed them together forever, to the family dinner that afternoon, to the beautiful reception that evening. One of my favorite parts of the evening was seeing my entire family all dressed up. The bride and groom in their wedding duds, grandpa in his best suit, mom in her fancy dress and dad in his very first tux, aren't they a stunning couple? Miss M in her sparkly party dress, Tiny T in his red jumper, and N&T looking all spiffy.

My new sister J (yes, another J) is lovely and we are thrilled she's chosen to join our little family - even if she failed to deliver the bouquet into arms at the end of the night.

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If you've known me for more than an hour, odds are I've told you I'm a small town girl. I'm very proud of that fact - even if I've been known to use my small town roots to get a laugh or two. The honest truth is I'm so grateful that I was one of the (very) few who was lucky enough to spend my childhood in such a special place.

My hometown is one of those places where you really do know nearly everyone, where neighbors drop what they are doing when someone is in need and where you feel safe letting your kids go out to ride their bikes on their own. My friends and neighbors back home are an incredible group of people, they taught me what really matters in life and their encouragement keeps me going. I'll admit I'm not sure how I went from living in a town of 900 to a city of 20 million, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

A few years ago when I was living in Seattle, I was catching up on email on Saturday morning and, as usual, had CMT on in the background. A new video came on and within seconds I was in love with the song and the group. I quickly got ready for the day and didn't stop until I'd found a store selling the group's CD (this was back before I had an iTunes account, ah the trials we had back in those days finding music.) I loved the group for its beautiful harmonies but I loved the song because it spoke directly to me - it defined my love for my hometown. This is the song I go back to whenever I'm feeling homesick or I need to remember that small town girl that makes up the core of me.

I feel no shame
I'm proud of where I came from
I was born and raised in the boondocks
One thing I know
No matter where I go
I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks

It's where I learned about living
It's where I learned about love
It's where I learned about working hard
And having a little was just enough

It's where I learned about Jesus
And knowing where I stand
You can take it or leave it, this is me
This is who I am

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I've been a very lazy blogger, sadly it has been nearly a month since I last bothered to post. Now that I'm back in Delhi I'm hoping my life will settle into enough of a routine that I'll make the time to post a bit more often and that the differences in life here will inspire me.

For now, here is a song I loved at first listen and haven't gotten out of my head since, Holly Williams's "Alone"

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