Saturday, July 19, 2008


I realized this week I haven't done much blogging about life in India lately, so I've been on a scavenger hunt this week to find pictures to go along with the unique things we see during our commute each day. Here's the first result of the hunt.

Nearly all stoves here are powered by gas, but rather than having a gas line that comes into your house and a bill that arrives each month, here in Delhi, you have a tank delivered to your home, hook it up to the stove and cook with it until it is gone. Then you order a new one. The truly unique thing is the way the tanks are delivered - by bicycle. Most bikes have three tanks on the back, two on the side and one across the top, the delivery guys drive all over the city with the tanks. It quite the sight:
I've seen guys pulling cars with their bikes with up to 10 cans in the cart - can you image the number of calories these guys must burn in a day?

A dedication to the bike riders who keep deliveries moving in this crazy city - Cary Brother's "Ride"

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joannes51 said...

I have to admit, the first thing i though of, "Is What happens if they are re-ended!" What a different life you see each day. Pretty neat!!

Jen said...

Idia looks incredible! I definately have the travel bug right now! Do you think that's becuase I won't be able to go anywhere cool for a long long time? Speaking of, how long will you be in India?

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