Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I’m back in Delhi and have discovered that the Monsoon season arrived early. For some reason I thought that would be a good thing – that it would be cooler and easier to survive. I was wrong!

It is so humid that just minutes after stepping outside my hair is literally dripping – not to mention the rest me. For the next few months I might as well forget bothering with hair and makeup.

Even worse the humidity seems to magnify the smells of Delhi. I’m not just talking about the smells outside, the office seems to be particularly pungent as well – I’m sure the fact that 10 of us are crowded in a space designed for 4 is part of the problem.

It’s enough to make me dream for Emilina Torrini’s kind of summer breeze:

Well summerbreeze is blowing through your window
And summerbreeze is blowing through your hair

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Maggie's Mom said...

Do they sell that Clinical Strength deodorant in Dehli? You should have stocked up before you left. :)

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