Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My first thought this morning when the alarm clock went off was that this would make a great sick day. Didn't matter that I wasn't really sick, it just felt like one of those days where I'd be better off staying home. The responsible part of me starting going over may day and and realized I had some things scheduled I probably shouldn't miss.

But now, having lived through the day - I honestly think that first thought was inspiration and not laziness. Not only was the day full of confusion, conflicts, disagreements and a general lack of respect, the Air Conditioning was out in the office a good percentage of the day - and having no AC in July in Delhi is not a pleasant thing. I was a sweaty, smelly mess. If you know me at all, you know I have fine, straight hair, but my hair grew bouffant like and started to curl - it take a lot of humidity to do that to hair like mine.

So, the upside to the story is the day is over - and I've learned an important lesson - next time inspiration speaks and tells me to take a sick day - I'm not going to let logic and responsibility overrule that small voice.

In celebration of the end of my day, a little Norah Jones, "The Long Day is Over"

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