Saturday, January 10, 2009


Christmas was all about Miss M this year.  

She was old enough to almost understand what was happening and we couldn't get enough of buying her gifts. Santa played a visit to our house for the first time in years and we all sat around the living room waiting for her to come and see what he left. I chose a spot just to the side of her gifts so I could get photos of her reaction. She walked into the room and nervously glanced at all of us sitting around watching her - I think she realized she was on stage. Her mom set her down, but rather than walking to her toys, she walked right into my arms, a pretty special moment for this proud auntie (good thing I spent the Monday before Christmas tending her so she had a chance to warm up to me again after my trip.)  

She soon discovered the joys of her new toys, especially her pink princess chair. 

This girl got a lot of great stuff, but I have to say, one of the things I love about her the most is how much she loves books. I know it is really to soon to tell, but I think she is going to grow up to be a reader and I can't wait to start sharing some of my favorite books with her.
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Maggie's Mom said...

WE should have taken a picture of her with all of her stuff. People proably wouldn't believe how much crap she got!

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