Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm living in a new apartment this year in Delhi, and it is, in a word, soulless. It's fairly new, the furniture is nice and of good quality but it the walls are bare and very white. The floors are a cream colored marble which tends to make you feel like you are living in a white box.

Since this isn't my place and I'm only here part time I spent the last two weeks debating whether to spend a little money to spruce it up. I finally came to the conclusion that if I had to spend 6 months staring at these white walls I was going to go crazy. So today went to the mall (a relatively new concept in Delhi) and bought a few things - a new bedspread and a couple of table cloths one to cover the desk and one I hung on the wall over the bed. My goal was to add a bit of Delhi color to the place. It's not quite there yet, but my bedroom is a bit more colorful tonight than it was this morning.

I'm off to Kathmandu next weekend where I'm hoping to pick up a cheap rug or two and something to put on some of the other walls.

Today, as I add a little color to my world, it seems a good time for a song about seeing life "In Color" from a guy with a great name.

A picture’s worth a thousand words
But you can’t see what those shades of gray keep covered
You should have seen it in color

In Color - Jamey Johnson
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joannes51 said...

The room looks great! The added color looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what you find when you are on holiday. Its amazing what a little added color can do for us!

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