Saturday, January 10, 2009


It is time for me to play catch up in blog land and I've decided to start with my trip to Rio.

After a sad couple of weeks I got back on an airplane and headed to sunny Rio - it was a very busy trip work-wise (which was good for me mentally) even if I had to wear the same set of clothes for 3 days while I waited for my suitcase to catch up with me (thanks for that Delta.)  I didn't have time to see the sites or hit the beach, but I did have time to catch up with some of the friends I made there.  

Several people greeted me with a "Welcome Home" and it really did feel like I had come back home.  The trip helped me realize again what great friendships I made there and how much the experience of living and working in Rio changed my life.  I know there were times while I was there that I was counting down the days until I was back in my familiar world, but on this trip I realized how comfortable Rio felt and I hope that I'll see Delhi in the same light someday.

To my Brazilian friends, it was so good to see you again - and now it is your turn to visit me.  Until then, here's a little old school shout out from me to you to thank you for making me feel so at home in your beautiful country - not to mention all the time you played translator and chauffeur.

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Maggie's Mom said...

It's about time you started blogging again!

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