Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

My Saturday destination was the restored Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill about 35 minutes outside of Lexington.  What a wonderful change of pace.  There are more than a dozen restored buildings on the property full of beautiful Shaker furniture, live demonstrations and helpful guides willing to answer any question.

I loved stepping away from the noise and hustle of the city (even a city as small as Lexington can get loud at times) into the peace of this quaint village.  That these buildings still stand in such pristine condition is a testament to the care that went into their building and maintenance.

I wandered into a vocal concert in one of the buildings.  Before the performer sang her last number -"Simple Gifts," a traditional Shaker song which has been used in Broadway shows, recorded by many artists and even used in President Obama's inauguration - she explained that the simple in the lyrics doesn't refer to plain, but rather humble.  The Shakers put a premium on staying humble and dedicating their lives and work to God.

I found a beautiful version of this song by Jewel - truth that you really can find nearly everything on YouTube.

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Nicole said...

You are a blog-a-holic latey - posts every day! Nice pics. Looks like a fun place to visit.

Joanne said...

It looks like a really beautiful place. It looks so peaceful, and quiet!

cindy said...

it looks like a wonderful place, i love how you were talking to the animals, too. love your fresh and vibrant pics.

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