Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cheap Color

Last week I moved with the team in Lexington to a new office - and its possible I'll be working here until the end of October - practically forever for me.  Everyone in the team started bringing in a few items from home to decorate and make their offices a little more pleasant.  I wanted to do the same, except I don't have much at my apartment here in Lexington that could be brought.  I decided it was time to stretch my creative muscles.

I started with a couple of turquoise table clothes I brought home from Delhi that I had used to decorate my bedroom there.  Next came a few items from Target's Liberty of London line - some folders and a pretty pillow, I also nabbed a bright pink lamp on sale for $14.

Next up I hit Goodwill and found some cheap picture frames and a mirror (the entire set was under $10) add in a couple cans of spray paint and I had some colorful art for the wall.  I finished things off with a silk art print I picked up in Thailand last month, a lamp I found on super clearance at Homegoods and some silver boxes a friend in India gave me.

I'm loving my cheap and colorful office and have been enjoying this week while listening to Griffin House - a new discovery thanks to a recommendation from Katie C.

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The Felix Family said...

LOVE IT!!! Who wouldn't love going to work when you can work in that space. Great decorating. I really like that Liberty of London line at Target.

Joanne said...

Looks really wonderful! good job.

cindy said...

it is totally you with the patterns! looks great!

The Estes Family said...

That looks so cute, next time you are in town you'll have to give me some tips!!!

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