Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking a Leap

I don't imagine it is a surprise to anyone reading this blog that I am single - the thing is, I wouldn't mind changing my single status, so I've decided to enter the scary world of online dating.  What's even scarier is that I'm admitting it here.  I'd be more embarrassed, but really, how else can a 30-something who doesn't do the bar scene meet a guy?

Here's my problem, my profile needs some work, it just doesn't do a good job of representing who I am or what I'm searching for so I need your help.  You are my friends and family, you know me best, so what qualities or characteristics should be included in my profile.  I want it to be honest - so I attract the right type of guys, but lets face it, online dating is all about marketing yourself so I also want it to highlight the best of me - and the things that make me stand out from the crowd.

I'd really like your ideas - figuring this out on my own isn't working.  Send me an email or give me some ideas in the comments - I'll owe you one.

Because this post is all about me - I thought I'd post a song that I love - and that talks about the confusion of finding and keeping love, so here's a little Alexi Murdoch with "Shine."

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Peterson5 said...

I think that is great you are giving it a try just becareful. I don't know if I can be of any help to your profile But you are a very modivated person with a big heart and who I knew also enjoyed having fun. I love reading your blog its my vacation from my life. You are an amazing person and have accomplished alot in your life.

Megan said...

I think that you should put that you are very driven, adventurous, sweet, spontaneous, and knows what you want in life.
I tried online dating back before I was married and I thought it was fun. I went on a few dates with guys I met, but I thought it was fun seeing who looked at my profile. It was a big confidence boost for me.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I have so much to say about this, but I will keep it short...
First, I think you have just taken the biggest step and put yourself out there like this. Now hopefully all of your friends, co workers, blogstalkers, etc. can start to think of all the incredible men in their lives who are single and maybe set you up?
Second, in this day and age, I don't know how else you could meet Mr. Right w/out help from friends or the internet. Srsly.
Third, you should mention in your profile that you are well-traveled, confident, secure in your beliefs and incredibly thoughtful.

That's all. for now... :-)

cindy said...

i want to help, but want to think about it a bit!

Maegan Beishline said...

That's wonderful, Jamie! How adventurous...just like you! I cannot help on any topic related to dating...I married my high school sweetheart so my idea of dating is more the "let's go to the school dance" than "let's go to the museum and have a stirring conversation". But I am excited to hear about your experiences...you know, like dating vicariously through you!

cindy said...

not sure if this is any good, but maybe it will give you some ideas, extensively ;) -

loves to travel and has done so, extensively. loves her work and has done so, extensively. loves music, and listening to it, extensively. loves life, and sees it all around her, extensively. now, if she could find her own special love to share it with she would enjoy it all so much more, extensively.

Nicole said...

After thinking about it for a few days and not knowing what your profile actually says - I think you should point out that you are very caring and that you are very friendly and make friends easily! On top of all of that you are the best big sister anyone could ever ask for!

Andrew M said...


there is absolutely nothing wrong with online matchmaking. ;)

Advice: stick with the reputable ones; RSVP, match.com, those types of site. Stay away from the likes of adult friend finders, as they are just about sex...

Hope that it works for you, as it definitely has the potential to match you with your soul partner... it did for us!!



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