Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Blue Mosque

Blue mosque
My work life continues to be crazy. I waited a week and a half in Switzerland to get the go ahead to go to Istanbul and after a couple of days there I was already falling in love with the place. Then, on Friday I got a call asking me to head back to Switzerland as soon as I could, which turned out to be Sunday morning. This gave me part of the day Saturday to play tourist.

Blue mosque 2
I decided I would try and fit in a visit to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), Hagia Sofia and the Grand Bazaar.  I only brought my point and shoot camera on this trip and I discovered as I entered the Hagia Sofia the battery was dead, so it is a good thing this is just the first visit of many.

Blue mosque 4
I'm headed back to the US today, so I'll leave you with the rest of my photos from the outside of this amazing mosque built in the 1600s.

Blue mosque 6

Blue mosque 5

Blue mosque 7

Blue mosque 3

I've listened to a lot of Laura Veirs lately her songs have been a good fit for my mood, her "Life is Good Blues", is a particular favorite. The song starts with the line: "Life is good when you dance all night." That line reminds me it's the little things that can really make life good.

So, tell me what is making your life good right now?

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DecorandtheDog said...

This place looks amazing!

Hmm, what's making life good? The usual...the husband, the dog, friends, fixing up my house. I think it's good that the usual is still making life good. :)

Safe travels!

tinajo said...

Ama-ha-hazing pics!

Right this instant, the thought of a movie tonight with a friend makes me happy. :-)

Angie Willis said...

Amazing photos Jamie. Don't forget to charge the battery next time!

Christianna said...

These pictures are amazing! It's so crazy that things this beautiful were built so long ago! I love seeing things from history that are still so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Gilding Lilies said...

The eucalyptus leaves are spinning on the branch looking like tiny ballerina's, and that's what's making my life good right this moment. Thanks for asking. Travel safely and happily my friend.

Marisa A. said...

Soooo beautiful. I'm always in awe that these amazing buildings were built sooooooooo long ago without our modern construction equipment. It's just amazing.

Cindy said...

it looks so beautiful and i bet you could give us some great tips about traveling. you are so good at it!

Joanne said...

So beautiful! I hope you can find time to see more places with your busy work schedule...

justine said...

I love these shots, beautifully captured.

blue elephant photography said...

i love all their ceilings! i love the art, the colors everything!

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