Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life in the Red Rocks

2012.03 Gunlock (61 of 69)
My goal over the next several weeks is to get through my backlog of photos. I have a ton sitting on my computer that haven't even been looked at. My plan is to organize them, back them up, process them and share a few here, I hope you don't mind a few weeks of travel photos.

2012.03 Gunlock (66 of 69)
My blog has become my journal and photo album/scrapbook, the main place for me to record life. I'm also slowly working to turn my blog into blurb books - one book per year. I finished 2008 late last year, and am now working on 2011 - which I know doesn't make sense, but I couldn't get the photos from 2009 to load to the blurb program so I gave up and moved on.

2012.03 Gunlock (68 of 69)
Have you turned you blog into a book? What service did you use? I was very happy with the result of the first Blurb book I created, but it is a ton of work to put the book together if you don't use their template. 

2012.03 Gunlock (69 of 69)
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In honor of the slow progress I'm making on my photo backlog, here's Rumer's Slow.
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Selene said...

i was there 2 months ago...amazing place!

Stampmouse said...

Beautiful red rocks. I wish I was headed that way this year again oh we'll maybe next. I haven't tried the blog to print yet. Though I have encouraged a couple other bloggers to do so. I wish I could buy their blog too Have you ever thought about offering it?

Krystal said...

yayyyy for more photos from you :)

Stephanie said...

These are amazing. The broken bottle on the rock is my favorite. So beautiful.

I've never heard of a blurb book, but what a great idea!

Clinton Painter said...

My first year I started printing up my blog so I could keep it in a hard copy. But the formatting was not my favorite. I might need to try a blurb book. These are great Jamie!

Cindy said...

i enjoy your travel photos so much. they are beautiful, interesting and i am an arm chair traveler and get to live vicariously through you :).

i've created a blurb book for each of the last three years and very happy with them, although it does take a lot of time. editing is not my strong suit. i always say i'll work on the current version as the year goes by so as not to be too time-consuming, but i never do.

i'm sure your books are beautiful.

tinajo said...

Amaaaaazingly beautiful, I wish I could take pics there too! :-)

Lisa Gordon said...

I always look forward to your travel photos, Jamie!
Truly some wonderful places you have been.

I did a Blurb book a couple of years ago, and oh yes, it did take much more time than I imagined it would. It was worth it when I saw it though.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

i.ikeda said...

Those are beautiful! Where is Red Rock?

I've never turned any blog years into books so I can't help you there with suggestions. Good luck though! That's a really cool idea.

Jerica said...

These are gorgeous, Jamie! You definitely have an eye for photography. It almost feels like I am there in person again, you capture the beauty of Southern Utah so well.

bethany said...

Such gorgeous photos! I love the idea of creating yearly blog photo books. I always have the best intentions to do so...but never have. Adding that to the list of things to keep me occupied here. :)

And I feel you on the backlogged photos. I haven't shared photos from Paris, Boston, San Diego, my last trip to Kuwait.

Sometimes it's so overwhelming to flip through several hundred photos within a few days of returning. I feel a backlog of photos is only natural for snap-happy girls like us! :)

BF said...

Lovely photos, looks like a nice place to visit!

justine said...

this looks absolutely amazing wow! great shots. Have you thought of making books with all your photos? I make books with and now have about 4 or 5 of various trips, it's a great way of storing photos

Karen said...

I'll never get tired of your travel photos. I've given thought to putting some of my blog entries into a Blurb book, but I don't have the foggiest idea how to begin. I do know I don't want all the posts, just some of them. I have years to go through which is also intimidating. I'd love to see some photos of yours.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Great idea to turn your blog into books. It will be nice to have a tangible record of your travels and commentary.

RedWillow ~ a Beauty seeker said...

All your photos from your travels are out of the world crazy gorgeous.

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