Friday, June 8, 2012

Lyrical Musing: Don't Need Anything

2012.03 Gunlock (50 of 69)

On Friday's I share a song that caught my attention. A lyric or line that made me stop and think, inspired me, or caused me to see something in a new way. I hope you'll play along and share songs that inspired you.

I'm spending the weekend at a family reunion in Southern Utah, and being with the people I love has reminded me how very lucky I am, and had left me feeling very, very grateful for the blessings in my life.

Glen Phillips' song "Don't Need Anything," does a great job of explaining just how I'm feeling.

I've got gardens growing, got quiet days
Clothes on my back, food on my plate
Got friends to help me if I call for them
Don't need anything I don't have

Got eyes to see this beautiful land
Feet to take me where I want to stand
If there's work to be done, I've got these two strong hands
I don't need anything I don't have

What things in your life are making you feel blessed this week?

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tinajo said...

Good lyrics and beautiful pic - have a great weekend! :-)

Stampmouse said...

great lyrics and a beautiful picture love that type of scenery

Dagmar said...

Those are the very things that remind us to live our life
with joy and gratitude❤that is such a lovely photo!
Enjoy your family time.

~Kristina said...

Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend!

Krystal said...

beautifulllll picture :)

Punctuation Mark said...

My fiends are definitely a huge blessing... Have a nice one!

Ms. Becky said...

a beautiful, gentle reminder that I'm blessed in more ways than I could have imagined. thanks Jamie. happy weekend to you, and this photo is smashing!!!

Jerica said...

Beautiful picture! I love the lyrics to this song, I have never heard it before. Great reminder that really, all is well.

blue elephant photography said...

wow, i wanna go to utah some time!

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