Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Florence Wandering

Florence was my favorite stop in Italy - I think perhaps because it was compact enough that getting around was easy - but it was also completely full of things I wanted to experience and see. Even with four full days there there as still things I didn't fit in and will have to save for the next trip, and I always want to have a reason to go back to a city I love.

The city was full of amazing architecture, there was something amazing to see at every corner. I think I could have wandered for another week and still found new to see each day. Of course it helped my wanderings to know that I could stop for amazing gelato at every corner, which I did more often than I want to admit.

It rained nearly every day I was there, which made for cold wanderings. I didn't enjoy juggling a camera, my bag and an umbrella every day, but being outside and experiencing this amazing city was completely worth it.

I packed expecting better weather, but also tossed in a few warmer items just in case, which was very lucky because I ended up wearing those same things almost the entire trip - making me doubly glad I was staying in flats with washing machines instead of hotels.


"It's just these simple things keep me holding on."
Amos Lee - Simple Things
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Dagmar said...

Jamie, how gorgeous these photos of Florence are. It is a city on my dream list, made better by your creative talent.

laura lok said...

I am drooling. Someday I will get there. The first picture intrigued me because it looks like a chess piece in the lions mouth

blue elephant photography said...

i love florence already, take me with you next time please?

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