Thursday, May 2, 2013

Florentine Gardens

I skipped some of the museums in Florence in favor of the lovely parks and gardens - after months of seeing nothing but the inside of an office, I was craving a little nature.

I was there a bit early for the spring flowers to be out in full bloom, but the fresh air and vitamin D more than made up for the lack of flowers.

The easter holiday meant that Florence was bursting with the seams full of tourists, but I'm guessing because it was chilly, the gardens were much less crowded.


"I'll always remember you wild as they do come."
The Gaslight Anthem - National Anthem
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Susan said...! I don't know if it was more crowded than these photos convey, but it looks like you had that magnificent place nearly to yourself. I was drawn in by that first image, and then continually as I scrowled. I like the one with the people casually strolling against that amazingly long leading line. Thanks for sharing.

laura lok said...

Gorgeous. What a grand place

Cindy said...

the best gardens look good in four seasons because they have great architecture - just like this one. enjoy your weekend!

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