Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rome - The Vatican and St Peter's

I spent my first full day in Rome at the Vatican and St Peter's. I went in knowing very little about what to expect, and ended up being very glad I'd paid for a guided tour. As much as I usually prefer to visit museums and other landmarks on my own at my own pace, in this case I felt like I learned much more and now have a great appreciation of what I was seeing.

I got so caught up in the stories and history the guide was sharing I barely remembered to take photos. Not being Catholic, I had very little background on the history of Rome, the Vatican or the Papistry, I felt like this tour wasn't just a chance to see some amazing art and architecture, but was also a living history lesson.

The tour ended at St Peter's Basilica and I finally remembered I had a camera. I was wandering around snapping photos everywhere - because there is amazing art at every turn in the Basilica - and heard a couple of women talking about how uncrowded it was, which surprised me because if felt very full to me.

Since this was my first visit to Rome, I had nothing to compare it with, but I'm learning Rome in the summer is crazy crowded. Have you experienced it then?

"I'm looking for a holiday, some peace in this world."
Jessie Baylin - Holiday

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Bibi said...

very pretty!!

laura lok said...

i have others say it is well worth the paid tour. i keep saying beautiful in my comments but I can't help myself it is.

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