Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting Settled

Gold Coast
It's been nearly two weeks since I arrived in Australia. The time has flown by as I worked my way through my to do list. I've finalized my visa/residency permit, I've established bank accounts, sorted out temporary housing, internet and phone, gotten a bit familiar with the city and most importantly, I've found a long-term apartment. All just in the nick of time, as I start working from my new office today.

A few impressions during my relatively short time here: Australian's are really as warm and welcoming as their stereo-types say. I've had great conversations with complete strangers and received so many genuine offers of help and great advice.

Terms of endearment are alive and well - I've been honey-ed, dear-ed, and sweetie-ed all over the place - and I have to say it beats being ma'am-ed any day of the week.

I could learn to love the beach - it's too cold to consider sticking my toes in, but I kept finding myself drawn to the shore just to watch the waves roll in.

Gold Coast
I'm looking forward to diving into work today - I know it will make meeting a few people here easier and it will be good to have a bit of structure back in my week. I do, however, feel a bit like I'm a 12 year old girl on the first day at a new school, wondering what I should wear and hoping I'll have someone to eat lunch with! Fingers crossed it will all go well and that the cool kids like me!

"Seems those ordinary days are the ones that last"
Missy Higgins - Cooling of the Embers Pin It


Lisa Gordon said...

It sounds like a wonderful place to be, and I am so glad that you are liking it there, Jamie.

Clare B said...

Congratulations on having a safe and relatively easy move. Hope the first day is as good as the last week - I'm quite impressed with having got internet, bank account and house sorted in 2 weeks!

Dagmar said...

How wonderful to hear you have safely arrived..lovely photos BTW..great shots of a cooler climate as we are hovering at 90 here in BC..I know you will fit right in, what another great adventure you are on! Looking forward to seeng more photos of your space and they sights you will see! Have a happy joyful week!

Michelle Scheibe said...

Glad things are going well! I have a friend from high school that has been living in Australia for a couple of years. I need to plan a trip!

Susan said...

Hey Jamie. Wow. See, I shouldn't step away from blogging so long. I missed the part where you were moving. I don't know if you're doing a new job, left the West US you love so well, have an assignment that will keep you in this new locale for a bit or what! Yikes.
I hope you find Australia a lovely new home. As for living near the beach, you'll come to love it. I think I like it more in the off seasons-walking the sands, listening to the surf and having more space than when it's crowded with swimmers and sun worshippers.
Look forward to seeing Australia thru your eyes.

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