Monday, July 22, 2013

Nowhere Fast

This was a big weekend in the saga of my move south. Friday I packed up my tiny temporary apartment, called a maxi-taxi - one big enough to move me, my four suitcases, bike and two large shopping bags and moved to the apartment I'll be in for the rest of my time here (fingers-crossed.) I found a place a bit further from the beach than planned, but in walking distance to the office, which means no more 80 minute commutes. The apartment is fantastic, in all the years I've been living in furnished apartments (7.5 years now!) this is by far the best place I've found. It just feels comfortable and like "home."

I unpacked for a couple of hours, and then ran to the mall for some essentials - the place is furnished, but everyone's idea of furnished differs. Me, I need a hairdryer, a blender for smoothies and containers for leftovers (I'm attempting to learn to cook while I'm here) I might also have started looking for some colorful rugs and pillows to make this apartment look more like me.

I was back home by six, because I'd used one night last week to create a massive online grocery store order. $300 later - I have a place stocked with cleaning supplies, the kind of non-perishables it takes to stock a good pantry and produce/dairy for the week. I can't imagine how many trips it would have taken me to get my place stocked if I'd had to do it a few bags at a time walking to the corner shop.

Saturday I was back at the mall getting the things I forgot the first time or, let's be honest, that I couldn't carry.  Then home to disinfect every surface and running all the dishes through the dishwasher. And, yes, I know that is a bit over the top, but it helps me feel settled. By the time Sunday rolled around I was ready for a serious sleep in, followed by church where I continue to meet some very nice people and then home to start breaking in the kitchen.

I attempted a butternut squash stir fry curry I'd found on Pinterest. It was slightly undercooked, but yummy and something I'll make again. I discovered that the labels that tell you whether you are cooking on low, medium, high have been scrubbed off my range. Not good news for a novice cook like me - wish me luck.

After this weekend, which also marks one month in Australia, I am finally starting to feel settled. A very good feeling. How was your weekend?

"Traveling, going nowhere fast."
Josh Turner Feat. Anthony Hamilton - Nowhere Fast Pin It


Cindy said...

love the footprints walking towards you! you're getting there and it sounds great!

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