Monday, July 15, 2013

It Takes Time

Gold Coast
I keep reminding myself that I've only been here 3 weeks - in part to celebrate what I have accomplished and in part to give myself a break on the rest. I have found an apartment that I love and get to move into at the end of the week. I've nearly navigated the crazy bureaucracy involved in setting up accounts and house in a new country. I've started to figure out my job, and have even learned the names of everyone in the office (since I'm not great with names a big deal to me.)

Still, I keep asking myself when I'll start to shift into the lifestyle here. Start to find my way, make friends, work out a routine. The normal adjustments that come with a move. A part of me keeps thinking that moving gets easier the more you do it. And while it does, the simple truth is that some things just take time. 

"I go searching through this world, I wait on something to unfurl."
John Fullbright - Jericho
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Christianna said...

Wait where are you now? I must have missed this. I hope that you feel at home soon!

Joanne said...

a good post. very thoughtful, you have got so much done already, you always make such good friends wherever you go. You are right. some things just take time.

Bibi said...

Yes, it will take time, new places always do. Hope you will find your groove, soon!

laura lok said...

it will happen soon I am sure. it is an amazing experience.

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