Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Do It

Water Spout
Thanks for all your ideas on how to get my blogging motivation back - I'm still struggling, but I'm determined to put your advice to work - and I'm starting by just doing it. I'm going to blog and get myself back into the habit. Pushing through even when it doesn't come easy. I'm hoping if I do the ideas, inspiration and joy I found in blogging will come pouring back to me.

I started by making a list of the reason I love blogging and what has kept me going for 4 years.

  • It's an easy way to keep a journal of my life and travels (the reason I started blogging in the first place.) I love going back and reading about my time in Delhi and I'm sure down the road I'll be glad to have a record of my time in Istanbul.
  • It's a fun way to keep my friends and family up to date with where I am and to share my experiences.
  • It's a great way to make and build relationships with people who share my interests in travel, photography and music.
  • It gives me a creative outlet - something my job can sometimes lack - and having that outlet makes life more beautiful and more rewarding.
Why do you blog? What reasons did I leave out?

Since you were so great with advice on getting back to blogging, I can't help but put another question out there....I'm trying to teach myself Lightroom 4 (my first experience with LR) and it isn't coming easy. Any recommendations on tutorials, classes, etc? What I've learned so far I love, but I feel like I'm not even scratching the surface. I'm particularly interested in developing a great workflow to speed my processes up so I can spend more time taking photos and blogging and less time editing.

You will love me for introducing you to this lovely song, David Myles: I Will Love You

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Simon said...

Yay for "just doing it". I'm sure your voice will return-and you did get good advice.
As for LR...I bought LR3 as they were phasing it out, but haven't played with it yet. The class I'm taking with PS is work and brain think heavy. I figure I can inch in on LR in May. I have Scott Kelby book-has he written for LR4 yet? He's usually pretty easy to follow.
Have a great day Jamie.

Angie Willis said...

Hi Jamie and congratulations on your blog post :-) I only have Lightroom 3 but I found 'The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers' to be a real help. Don't know what's out there for version 4 yet though.

Nicole said...

I love that picture. So pretty!

i.ikeda said...

Glad to see you jumping back in! I'm going to give you one more reason that's at least true for me - blogging has actually made me more motivated to be productive in other areas of life. Ever since I started blogging more regularly again, it's pushed my productivity at work as well. I can't explain why, but it's like creativity spills over into areas that I wouldn't think are related at all.

As for Lightroom... It's in my to do list, but I haven't tackled it yet.

Laura lok said...

I blog for much the same reasons plus it is an excuse to take pictures and practice. Self taught there is so much to learn but you can't learn and improve without taking the shot.

It's also a fun way to show off vacation photos. And I drag them out for weeks haha.

I just installed Lightroom 4 never used it before but a friend is teaching me. The installation part is killer. It's going to take me months to catalog all my past pictures but I think once done it will be a good resource.

Maureen said...

I've completely lost my blogging mojo. You have a good list of reasons to blog. I think that's my problem. The writing part feels like work most days. I'm trying to reevaluate why I blog, and how to slowly get back into it myself.
Glad to see you hanging in there.

Karen said...

I bought Lightroom 3 and am still learning how to navigate it. I took a local course that did not prove to be very helpful at all. I have two books, but the one that seems the best is the Visual Start Guide. I'm not sure if one is out for version 4 yet. I just got a link for tutorials on Lightroom 4 the other day, but didn't keep it since I'm working on 3. Have you googled tutorials? I find videos help me the most. I know your work schedule is crazy, but if you had the time, training videos are fabulous. I think the monthly fee is $25, so you have to be prepared to put in some time with them.

Jerica said...

Wow, I love that picture. What a neat perspective. Your list of reasons to blog is great. Hang in there, I hope your inspiration comes back!

h said...

I just like to share stuff. That's pretty much the reason why I blog. Sharing how-tos, travel itineraries, etc.

I keep myself blogging through my OCDness- posting twice weekly every Sunday & Wednesday. Keeping a schedule works for me.

urban muser said...

oh my, i have been such a terrible blogger lately. i am inspired by your post here and will go read the comments on the post where you asked for help to find your mojo. good luck with it!!

Justine said...

I have lightroom 4 and it is fantastic as is lightroom 3 but then again I have never been able to do photoshop and hate all those textures and layers so if you like all that them stick with photoshop. Lightroom is move for just doing a couple of tweeks, I just do highlight and contrast and then I either use the presets or just hit the 'punch" and sharpen button, I have found that is all I need, don't try too hard with it, just tweaking with it is enough you'll see!

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