Saturday, September 6, 2008


M came into the apartment this morning laughing over something in the Times of India (this isn't unusual, the overly dramatic paper regularly makes us laugh.) Today he found a story about Utah and he couldn't wait to share the laugh with me.

Who knew I could pick up the local Delhi paper and ready a story from Garfield County? Wonder if Sheriff Perkins knows he's no longer just "Famous in a Small Town?" - his fame has spread to India.

I've always loved this song - mostly because I relate to it, anyone who grew up in a small town knows there is very little you can do that won't get talked about - and reported back to your parents. At times I miss knowing everyone I see when I go out to run errands on Saturday, but there are other times I'm grateful for the anonymity that comes from living in a city of 14 million.

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Maggie's Mom said...

I didn't hear that story. That's funny.

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