Friday, September 19, 2008


This is my 100th post! When I started this blog back in February I didn’t tell anyone about if for a while because I didn’t know if I would stick with it, so I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment to have made it this far. I had no idea how much I would enjoy having a creative outlet and a place to share my daily journey.

Today is also my 35th birthday, an event I’ve been dreading. Now that it is here, it isn’t as bad as I’d thought, but that’s probably because of where I am - Kathmandu, Nepal.

A little over a month ago I was filling in a questionnaire and one of the questions asked me to think back to a peak time in my life. I really had to stretch to come up with an answers, many of the simple answers – getting married, having kids, are things I haven’t experienced yet, so I had to dig deep to realize one of the greatest weeks of my life was the week I turned 30 – another birthday I had been dreading.

I spent the a few days in Las Vegas with some girlfriends, and since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I won’t share any of the details here, it is sufficient to know that we had a great time and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to my twenties.

Once I got back to Seattle I got in the car and drove down the Washington/Oregon coasts to Cannon Beach - where part of “The Goonies” was filmed for those of you who are old enough to remember the classic film. It was my very first solo vacation and it was perfect. I spent time sitting on the beach with a book, strolling through the shops, going for long rides through the national forests and meditating about my life and where I wanted it to go in the future, a perfect way to say hello to my thirties.

After revisiting this experience I decided I wanted to do something similar to commemorate my birthday this year. I got out a map and decided that Kathmandu sounded exotic, relaxing and audacious enough to take the place of both Vegas and Cannon Beach. I booked my flight, tracked down a hotel and for the first time started looking forward to my birthday.

I plan to spend the weekend exploring the city, seeing mountains for the first time in months and meditating on my life today and what I want to do with the next five years.

Looking back on my 30th birthday there was no way I could imagine then I’d be spending my 35th birthday in Nepal, I can only hope the next 5 years will be as full of surprises as the last 5.

Instead of ending this post with a song, I’m going ask you to give me a song. Put your song in the comments – it could be your favorite song, a new one you just can’t get out of your head, one that reminds you of me or a memory we share, a song or artist I’ve posted about you love or one that defines the kind of day you’ve had. All you lurkers who’ve been reading but never commenting, now is the time to do so, how can you refuse – it’s my birthday. I can’t wait to see the birthday playlist you’ll create for me. Pin It


Maggie's Mom said...

My song is U2's Elevation. Because it was the first song they sang when we went to their concert together! Remember . . .

Penny said...

Can I be you when I grow up? It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. My suggested song would be "Believe" by Suzie McNeil. Hey have you seen any good mountains lately?
Happy Birthday!!

Clinton Painter said...

Okay, so I immediately went to songs that reminded me of you. They were SAAAAAPPPPPPYYYYY!!!!! How many times over the years did we dance to Cotton eyed Joe and Sadly enough The Macarena, and lastly the Nikki French Version of the Bonnie Tyler song. (You know which one I am talking about.) Here is a suggestion of good music--maybe I am tipping my hat to sweet tunes Friday. "Be Good to Yourself" by Journey. Enjoy! Hope your Birthday was Great!

The Henrie Family said...

So, sorry my comment is after your birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Anyway - Everytime I hear INXS I think of you. I remember you telling me that the lead singer was "hot" and at the time I didn't think so, but MAN was I wrong. LOL He was very nice to look at..... So there ya go, anything INXS reminds me of you. :)

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